Review | Wayfarer (Passenger #2) by Alexandra Bracken

A strong conclusion to the duology. Fans of Passenger will be delighted.  3.5/5 stars.


Thank you to Hachette Children’s Group, Quercus Children’s Books and NetGalley for giving me an e-copy of this book.

The blurb: No blurb to avoid spoiling book 1, Passenger. If you want to know more about that one, check out my review. However, I can tell you that this YA duology is a time-travelling adventure with a romance between the two main characters, Nicholas and Etta.

My take:

Back in June last year, I “only” gave Passenger 3 stars because I felt the romance overshadowed and eventually smothered the brilliant adventure element of the plot. I’m pleased to say I enjoyed Wayfarer more than Passenger largely because the two main characters are kept apart for a significant portion of the book. During their separation Nicholas and Etta are forced to work with secondary characters with whom they don’t get along swimmingly and the resulting tension makes for better reading than Passenger‘s long accounts of how much Nicholas and Etta love each other. In fact, the secondary characters getting more development and page space is one of the best things about Wayfarer. They’re a diverse, alternatively charming and spiky bunch who bring some much-needed laughs, mystery and drama to the narrative.

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