Recipe | Lemon curd swirl sponge cake

This lemon curd swirl sponge cake is easy to make and has great lemon flavour

Easy recipe lemon curd swirl sponge layer cake uk

I wanted to make a lemon cake, but I’ve been disappointed in the past with recipes which produce a sponge with only a hint of citrus rather than a decent lemon flavour. So I decided to experiment and come up with something myself. I adapted one of my favourite recipes – for raspberry ripple sponge cake – to make it using lemon curd. And it was a success!

This recipe gives a beautifully fluffy sponge packed full of lemon flavour. It also happens to look rather pretty without the need for any extra decoration after baking.


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Recipe | Chocolate finger cake. Sponge layer cake with vanilla buttercream and a biscuit border

Sponge layer cake with vanilla buttercream, a Cadbury’s chocolate finger biscuit border and mini eggs!

Chocolate finger cake with biscuit border around the edges and mini eggs 1

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog you might be thinking, “Why is Claire posting a recipe on a Tuesday? Fridays are recipe days, aren’t they?” And you’d be absolutely right. But I wanted to post this cake recipe a bit earlier to give anyone who wanted to make it for this weekend time to get their ingredients together (i.e. stock up on mini eggs).

I’ve seen many cakes with chocolate finger borders and always thought it looked like a great idea. And it turns out, it is! 🙂

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Recipe | Christmas vanilla cookies

Here’s my attempt at some festive baking! A selection of lovely vanilla biscuits with some cute decorations.

Christmas cookie biscuit selection mini gingerbread men, pink hearts and Christmas tree decoration

I found the basic recipe for these biscuits at BBC Good Food.

Of course, how many biscuits this mixture makes depends on the size of your cutter and how thickly you roll the dough. The original recipe said these quantities would make 20 biscuits, but I made 60!

Christmas biscuits cookies gingerbread men, green sparkly trees and stars with snowflakes

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Recipe | Raspberry ripple sponge cake

Raspberry ripple sandwich cake cut

Easy to make, this summery treat may be the nicest cake I’ve ever had. And I don’t say that lightly: I’ve eaten A LOT of cake in my time 🙂

This week I’m continuing to fulfill my promise to make all the cakes which feature in my first novel, Art and Soul. If you like reading uplifting contemporary romance, you can get your own copy on Amazon.

One of the characters, Ronnie, owns a cake shop, and this raspberry ripple cake is just one of the delicious offerings her lucky customers can enjoy.

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Recipe | Mini rosette vanilla cupcakes

Mini rosette vanilla cupcakes with two tone decorative buttercream frosting

Another experiment which went a bit sideways thanks to a lack of colouring (again! just like the red velvet cake fiasco) and one of the hottest days of the year here in the UK!

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