Recipe | Easy Halloween bakes – colourful, spooky and delicious ideas

I haven’t had a chance to do any Halloween baking yet this year. But I’ll probably be making one of these old favourites…

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1. Cute Oreo spider muffins

Halloween cute oreo spider muffins spooky easy uk recipe cute bake

2. Brownie cupcakes with orange and green sponge

Halloween brownie cupcakes with orange and green sponge quick easy Halloween baking recipe for kids UK with buttercream and sprinkles

3. Chocolate fudge muffins with chocolate cobwebs

Easy chocolate fudge muffins recipe uk with Halloween chocolate cobweb spider web frosting

4. Mint millionaire’s shortbread with white chocolate cobwebs

Mint millionaire's shortbread recipe

5. Chocolate and mint layered fudge

Chocolate and mint layered fudge uk simple halloween recipe ideas

6. Chocolate brownie and colourful sponge cake

Halloween chocolate brownie and sponge layer cake orange and green with chocolate recipe uk party ideas

Happy baking and have a very Happy Halloween!

Claire Huston / Art and Soul

Recipe | Chocolate peanut butter muffins

Chocolate and peanut butter muffins with extra chocolate chips

Easy chocolate peanut butter and choc chip chunk muffins recipe uk

I found the original recipe at A Baking Journey. I made a couple of ingredient changes to fit what I had in the cupboard/fridge.

It’s a very straightforward recipe and the muffins rise well and taste delicious – just be careful not to overbake them or they could be a little dry.

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Recipe | Easy four-ingredient flapjacks

A super simple recipe for delicious oaty flapjacks

Picture of easy flapjacks sliced and stacked

These flapjacks are so easy to make this will probably be the shortest recipe post I’ll ever write. If you want to jazz them up you can add 50 g of raisins, nuts, choc chips … whatever you like. Just make sure to add an extra tbsp of syrup if you do. You could also drizzle some melted chocolate on the top when the flapjacks have cooled and before slicing.

Ingredients (makes 16 to 32 flapjacks)

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Recipe | Coffee sponge cake with cappuccino buttercream

Coffee sponge cake topped with delicious cappuccino buttercream

Easy quick recipe coffee sponge cake traybake with cappuccino buttercream dusted with cocoa uk

This cake has a terrific coffee flavour and I say that as someone who struggles to drink the stuff!

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Recipe | Pecan and almond loaf cake

Yummy loaf cake chockfull of almonds and pecans!

Easy recipe for pecan and almondy loaf cake UK grams and oz

I had pecans to use up and found this recipe at lovefoodies. I left out the salt and almond essence from the original recipe. I never think the salt is necessary and I find almond essence makes things taste like marzipan and I don’t like marzipan!

If you need the ingredients in cups, best to head over to the original recipe.

Ingredients (this makes enough mixture for a 30 x 12 cm / 12 x 5 in loaf tin):

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Recipe | Banana, raisin, oat and honey muffins

An easy recipe for banana, raisin, oat and honey muffins. No mixer required.

Banana, raisin, oat and honey muffins quick recipe breakfast muffins simple recipe uk

I found this recipe for easy banana, raisin, oat and honey muffins at delicious. They are a tasty way of using up overripe bananas and a good breakfast muffin option.

This is a particularly good recipe if you don’t have a stand mixer or electric beaters to help you as there’s not a lot of stirring involved.

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Recipe | Lemon curd swirl sponge cake

This lemon curd swirl sponge cake is easy to make and has great lemon flavour

Easy recipe lemon curd swirl sponge layer cake uk

I wanted to make a lemon cake, but I’ve been disappointed in the past with recipes which produce a sponge with only a hint of citrus rather than a decent lemon flavour. So I decided to experiment and come up with something myself. I adapted one of my favourite recipes – for raspberry ripple sponge cake – to make it using lemon curd. And it was a success!

This recipe gives a beautifully fluffy sponge packed full of lemon flavour. It also happens to look rather pretty without the need for any extra decoration after baking.


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Recipe | Nutella and cinnamon cake

A subtle hint of cinnamon completes this delicious chocolate hazelnut cake

Nutella and cinnamon cake quick recipe with hazelnut sprinkle on top uk

By “nutella” I mean hazelut chocolate spread. I always use the supermarket’s own version because it’s so much cheaper and just as good. The recipe I used from BBC GoodFood is for a circular baking tin, but I used my rectangular tin and it baked fine, although far more quickly. And if you’re thinking “cinnamon, yuck!”, you can always use only 1 tsp in the mix. But the cinnamon flavour in the finished cake is very subtle, even when using 2 tsp.

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Recipe | Bonfire night chocolate flake cupcakes

Add some sweetness to your November 5th celebrations with these chocolate flake bonfires with orange buttercream flames

Guy fawkes bonfire night November 5th chocolate flake and buttercream cupcakes easy recipe uk

If you’re not from the UK, you may not know that it’s traditional here to celebrate the night of November 5th with bonfires and fireworks. This cupcake decoration idea – using chocolate flakes to create the firewood and piped orange buttercream for the flames – is another one I saw a photo of on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

The cupcakes

Use your favourite cupcake recipe! My recipe index has lots of cupcake recipes if you need some ideas. For example: caramel cupcakes, yoghurt cupcakes and brownie cupcakes.

I used my golden syrup sponge cake recipe. I used the same quantities of ingredients for making a loaf cake, but divided the mixture between 12 cupcake cases and baked for 20 minutes at 180 degrees C (160 fan, 356 degrees F, Gas Mark 4) until risen and golden.

Bonfire night guy fawkes' cupcakes recipe

Decoration ingredients (for 12 cupcakes)

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