Visit to Coombe Abbey Country Park and a quick writing update

Coombe Abbey hotel and Coombe Abbey Country Park near Coventry 3

If you follow my ramblings, you’ll know I recently sent the first 3 chapters of my book, Art and Soul, to an editor. His feedback lead to me deciding to cut chapters 1 and 2 and do a whole other bunch of edits (more about all this here).

I retreated to the writing cave and the edits are done! I sent the “new” first three chapters to the literary agent who had asked to see them (*biting nails until I hear back*). I also sent the whole manuscript to the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writer’s Scheme (*biting stubs of nails until I hear back*).

Hopefully the agent will want to see the rest of the MS and I’ll get positive feedback from my RNA reader.

In the meantime, after stepping out from the writing cave and blinking in the sunlight… We went to visit Coombe Abbey and Coombe Country Park, which are near Coventry and a short drive from us.

Coombe Abbey hotel and Coombe Country Park near Coventry 1

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A short break in the Cotswolds

We recently spent a few days in the Cotswolds, a beautiful area in western England.

The Cotswolds are home to some of the most picturesque villages in the country. Here are some of my best pictures from our travels. All the villages featured below are a short drive from each other (although sometimes down rather small roads!). The links will take you to more information on each of the places we visited.

1. Broadway (Worcestershire)

The Green, Broadway, Cotswolds

The Green, Broadway, Cotswolds

Wait! There’s more. Click for more beautiful Cotswolds pics!