Recipe | Chocolate fudge muffins with Halloween chocolate webs

Spooky chocolate fudge muffins. Another idea for Halloween!

Easy chocolate fudge muffins recipe uk with Halloween chocolate cobweb spider web frosting

The search for simple Halloween-themed recipes continues this week with delicious chocolate fudge muffins topped with a chocolate cobweb pattern.

I found the original recipe for these chocolate fudge muffins on the BBC goodfood website. I’ve described the order in which I put the ingredients together, which is slightly different to the original.

Ingredients (makes 10 muffins)

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Recipe | After Eight mint chocolate muffins

Delicious, easy-to-make After Eight mint chocolate muffins!

Simple After Eight mint chocolate muffins recipe uk

My only tip for this recipe would be to make sure to keep some chocolate out of the mixture and pop it on top of each muffin before they go in the oven. Most of the chocolate will sink to the bottom of the muffin, so don’t skip this step if you want a better distribution of After Eight mint chocolate and some on the top.

Ingredients (makes 12 After Eight mint chocolate muffins)

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Recipe | Blueberry muffin cake

The fluffy goodness of a blueberry muffin, large enough to share!


I found the original recipe for this blueberry muffin cake over at Fine Cooking. I made a couple of small changes to the recipe and converted the weights so hopefully you’ll all be able to use them whatever measurement system you use. I also added a step if you want to make sure you get a crunchy, genuine muffin top on the cake.


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Recipe | Double chocolate muffins

Because single chocolate muffins just don’t sound as good!


I got the original recipe from an old copy of Sainsbury’s magazine. I used dark chocolate chunks, but you can use a mixture of dark and milk or just milk if you prefer. I also simplified the recipe slightly, just mixing all the chocolate into the other ingredients in one go, rather than adding pieces in an additional final step before putting the mixture in the oven – anything to make things easier!

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Recipe | Jam doughnut muffins

Yes, you read that right. These muffins are also jam doughnuts!

how to make jam doughnut muffins recipe 1

I got this recipe from my Mum’s folder of various recipes she’s cut from magazines. Fortunately, as this came from GoodFood Magazine, it’s also available online. You can check it out here. However, the online version only gives metric weights and measures. I’ve given both metric and imperial here below.

I learned some important things making these doughnut muffins and would suggest some changes to the cooking time and temperature. But more of that below…

Ingredients (makes 9-12 muffins depending on how big you make them)

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Recipe | Hazelnut muffins with a chocolate hazelnut cream centre

I finally managed to bake muffins with a crunchy topping!

Hazelnut muffins with crunchy topping and with chocolate hazelnut sauce filling 3

I usually base my decisions about what to bake on the ingredients I have in the cupboard and need to use up. Last week I made oat and pecan squares and, after the first tray vanished rather quickly, I wanted to make another batch. But this time I decided to vary the recipe to use hazelnuts instead of pecans. I had the hazelnuts weighed and chopped, ready to go. And then my toddler distracted me and the oat squares went into the oven without any nuts in the mix at all.

And so, this week I’m pleased to give you hazelnut muffins! 🙂

I got the basic muffin mix recipe here (although it’s for choc chip muffins) and then introduced my own variations.

Ingredients (makes 12 muffins)

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Recipe | Snickers muffins with two-colour buttercream swirl

Snickers muffins! With an ice cream-like swirl of buttercream frosting 🙂

Snickers muffins in cute paper cases

It all started when I realised I still had a packet of 4 Snickers bars in the cupboard which my Mum gave me a long time ago. I Googled “Snickers muffins” to see if I could find a recipe and couldn’t. But I did find a recipe for Mars Bar muffins so I just adapted that!


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Recipe | Foolproof mint chocolate muffins

If you love the combination of mint and chocolate as much as I do, these easy muffins are for you!

Mint chocolate muffins 2

Extra tip: if you want/need your home to smell absolutely delicious – baking these will do the job! The smell when I opened the oven to take them out was divine 🙂

Ingredients (makes 12)

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Recipe | Chocolate orange butterfly cakes

Making the most of the delicious combination of chocolate and orange, these cakes are easy-to-make and fun for kids of all ages.

Chocolate orange butterfly cakes 4

Ingredients (makes 8 buns/cup cakes – multiply up as you need! Muffins also an option…)

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Recipe | Banana and peanut butter muffins

A perfect breakfast muffin. Satisfyingly chewy and not overly sweet.

(Also good for using up over-ripe bananas and excess peanut butter).

Banana and peanut butter muffins stack

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