Recipe | Microwave sponge jam pudding

Microwave sponge jam pudding: a childhood favourite of mine still just as good today!

Quick Microwave sponge jam pudding recipe uk

I’ve been meaning to make one of these for AGES. I have fond memories of Mum making these microwave puddings for us, burning my mouth on the jam because I could never wait for the pudding to cool down before trying it! I wouldn’t be surprised if this sponge pudding brought back (hopefully pleasant) memories of school dinners for some.

This microwave sponge pudding is quick and easy to make. You can use jam or golden syrup as your topping. I got this recipe at allrecipes.

Wait! There’s more. Click for the recipe and more lovely pics!

Recipe | Easy microwave mug cake. Chocolate cake in under 5 minutes!

No scales? No oven? No problem! Make a microwave mug cake in less than five minutes!


Life’s been a bit hectic recently. Craving cake, but keen to cut corners, I finally made something I’ve been wanting to try for ages: microwave mug cake. I’ve seen various recipes for mug cake online over the years, but I never believed it could work. Well it does!

I got the original recipe at BBC Good Food. I made changes to the microwave time they suggest… but I’ll get to that later.

Ingredients (makes 1 very large mug cake or 2 smaller mug cakes or 4 ramekin cakes)

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