Recipe | Easy Halloween bakes – colourful, spooky and delicious ideas

I haven’t had a chance to do any Halloween baking yet this year. But I’ll probably be making one of these old favourites…

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1. Cute Oreo spider muffins

Halloween cute oreo spider muffins spooky easy uk recipe cute bake

2. Brownie cupcakes with orange and green sponge

Halloween brownie cupcakes with orange and green sponge quick easy Halloween baking recipe for kids UK with buttercream and sprinkles

3. Chocolate fudge muffins with chocolate cobwebs

Easy chocolate fudge muffins recipe uk with Halloween chocolate cobweb spider web frosting

4. Mint millionaire’s shortbread with white chocolate cobwebs

Mint millionaire's shortbread recipe

5. Chocolate and mint layered fudge

Chocolate and mint layered fudge uk simple halloween recipe ideas

6. Chocolate brownie and colourful sponge cake

Halloween chocolate brownie and sponge layer cake orange and green with chocolate recipe uk party ideas

Happy baking and have a very Happy Halloween!

Claire Huston / Art and Soul