Recipe | Halloween chocolate brownie and colourful sponge layer cake

A decadent mix of chocolate brownie and layers of colourful sponge perfect for any Halloween party

Halloween chocolate brownie and sponge layer cake orange and green with chocolate recipe uk party ideas

This was my attempt to make a large version of my Halloween brownie cupcakes. It’s a bit more effort than a straightforward cake, but still quite easy to bake and assemble.

Ingredients (serves about 10 – 12)

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Recipe | Mint millionaire’s shortbread for Halloween!

Crumbly shortbread topped with mint buttercream and dark chocolate.


I wanted to make mint millionaire’s shortbread and was delighted to find a recipe which also had a Halloween theme with cute white chocolate cobweb decorations. The original recipe for Halloween mint chocolate squares comes from Katie Bryson.

Ingredients (makes approx. 16 slices)

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