Recipe | Easter creme egg chocolate cupcakes

That’s right: Cadbury creme eggs in chocolate cupcakes!

Cadbury creme egg cream egg easter chocolate cupcake recipe easter baking simple uk

A friend of mine who absolutely adores Cadbury Creme Eggs sent me a link to a recipe video for these creme eggs cupcakes by Chef Club UK on Facebook. I took the hint!

The original recipe includes coffee, which I left out. I also added a little baking powder to guarantee a good rise. I put a few more steps in my method than the original. But please do check out the video if you think it will help you.

This is also an ideal recipe if you don’t have a stand mixer or electric hand mixer to help you.

Ingredients (makes 6 cupcakes – just double all quantities if you want to make 12)

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Easter baking round-up ft. extra chocolate cake!

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter bunny chocolate cake with maltesers 1

I made these two Easter cakes yesterday. The recipe is the same as the one I used for this two layer chocolate cake (which I’ll mention below as well).

Easter bunny chocolate cake with maltesers 4

In case you’ve missed the Easter / spring-themed recipes I’ve posted over the last three weeks, I thought I’d do a quick recap. Just my way of spreading some extra sweetness this Easter weekend 🙂 And it’s still not too late to make your own!

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1. Double chocolate Easter layer cake with mini eggs

Chocolate easter and spring season cake. Two layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and green grass topping frosting decorations with eggs 4

Spring is here! I also used this recipe to make the bunny cake featured at the start of this post. A lovely rich chocolate mixture which always produces a rich, moist cake.

2. Shredded wheat chocolate nests with golden syrup and mini eggs

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Recipe | Shredded Wheat chocolate nests – with golden syrup and mini eggs!

Cute shredded wheat cereal chocolate nests. A nice Easter recipe to make with children and a great excuse for more chocolate mini eggs!

Chocolate shredded wheat cereal easter nests with golden syrup and mini eggs 3

This is another quick, no bake recipe which is incredibly child friendly. It’s also a perfect spring or Easter “bake” and another excuse to use mini eggs! 🙂

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