Recipe | Lamington cake – a chocolate and coconut alternative to yule log!

A variation on Australian Lamington cake, this loaf-shaped chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a coconut coating is a simple alternative to yule log.

Lamington chocolate coconut cake a great alternative to yule log 1 (2)

Firstly: apologies to those of you who have an aversion to coconut. I know there are many people who can’t stand the stuff. If you skip down to the bottom of this post, I’ve put links to a couple of entirely coconut-free recipes.

This week’s recipe comes, again, from my 2001 Marks and Spencer Simply Baking recipe book. As I said last week, in case anyone’s interested, here are links to secondhand copies at Abebooks and

I did make a small change to the recipe by removing the whipped cream filling. When I discovered there was a lot of chocolate frosting left over, I decided this could be used as extra topping when serving up a slice and the cream wasn’t necessary.

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