Recipe | Chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons

Just three basic ingredients and a little chocolate make this yummy teatime treat.

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroon finished product uk recipe easy

Ingredients (makes 8 chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons)

I had one egg white to use up, so these are the quantities I used. If you want to make a larger batch of coconut macaroons, for each extra egg white increase the dry ingredients proportionally.

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Recipe | Almond and coconut macaroons

Easy to make, chewy and delicious. Also good for using up egg whites!

Tea time coconut and almond macaroons

After making biscuits, I had an egg white to use up, so I decided to make these almond and coconut macaroons. This is the first time I’ve made them and they’re possibly the easiest recipe I’ve come across yet. And as if that weren’t enough, they’re also gluten free!

Coconut and almond macaroons

Ingredients (makes 8 macaroons)

I had one egg white to use up, so these are the quantities I used. For each extra egg white you use, increase the dry ingredients proportionally.

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Recipe | Lamington cake – a chocolate and coconut alternative to yule log!

A variation on Australian Lamington cake, this loaf-shaped chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a coconut coating is a simple alternative to yule log.

Lamington chocolate coconut cake a great alternative to yule log 1 (2)

Firstly: apologies to those of you who have an aversion to coconut. I know there are many people who can’t stand the stuff. If you skip down to the bottom of this post, I’ve put links to a couple of entirely coconut-free recipes.

This week’s recipe comes, again, from my 2001 Marks and Spencer Simply Baking recipe book. As I said last week, in case anyone’s interested, here are links to secondhand copies at Abebooks and

I did make a small change to the recipe by removing the whipped cream filling. When I discovered there was a lot of chocolate frosting left over, I decided this could be used as extra topping when serving up a slice and the cream wasn’t necessary.

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Recipe | Diane’s delights

top image

This is a very sweet treat that you can buy everywhere in Northern Ireland (where my mum and the recipe comes from), although I’ve never seen it anywhere else. Let me know if you have!


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