Recipe | Nutella cookie cups – soft chewy biscuits with a chocolate hazelnut centre

Soft, chewy biscuit with a soft heart of chocolate hazelnut cream. Delicious!


I found the recipe for these delicious treats at Sweetest Menu, which has loads of great recipes and is well-worth checking out. However, while the original recipe is to make 12 cookie cups using a muffin tin, I decided to use a mini muffin tin and so get 24 cookie cups from the same amount of ingredients.

So the size of your cookie cups is up to you!

Ingredients (makes 24 mini Nutella cookie cups or 12 large cookie cups)

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Recipe | Chocolate toffee melts

These chewy chocolate biscuits are easy to make with children. You can give them a Rolo centre or use Smarties or whatever you prefer!

How to make chocolate toffee and smartie melts biscuit cookie recipe

Another recipe pulled from my Mum’s recipe folder. It’s from BBC GoodFood Magazine once again but this time it doesn’t seem to be available online. So you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Ingredients (makes 24 – 30 biscuits)

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Recipe | Two-tone heart and flower biscuits

Pretty two-tone heart and flower-shaped biscuits. Ready for afternoon tea!

Two tone biscuits cookies heart shaped and flower shaped

I decided it was time I made some biscuits. I find them a lot more effort than cake, which is probably why I don’t make them as often!

I got the recipe from the one and only Mary Berry, here. Her recipe was more elaborate with three rings of colour… I decided to play safe and go for two 🙂

Ingredients (makes approx. 40 biscuits)

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