Recipe | Double chocolate nest cupcakes with chocolate eggs

Spring is officially here. Why not celebrate with chocolate nest cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and chocolate eggs? (Unless you’ve given up chocolate for Lent, in which case I apologise. Perhaps save this recipe to use in a few weeks’ time?)

How to make Chocolate nest cupcakes Easter recipe UK

In my family this recipe is known as “THE” chocolate cake recipe. I think my Mum found it ages ago in a copy of Good Housekeeping. The oil and golden syrup in the recipe makes the chocolate cake dense, moist and close to a fudge cake.

I made a large sandwich cake version of this recipe last year with Cadbury’s mini eggs – you can check that out here.

As these chocolate cupcakes are smaller, I used “micro” chocolate eggs this time (yes, that’s what they were called on the packet).

This is a great recipe if you don’t have the luxury of an electric mixer to help you. As long as you sift the dry ingredients, it’ll all very easy to stir by hand without having to worry about lumps.

Ingredients (makes 18-24 chocolate cupcakes)

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Recipe | Double chocolate Easter cake! With mini eggs!

Spring is almost here. To me, that sounds like a good excuse for chocolate cake!

Chocolate easter and spring season cake. Two layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and green grass topping frosting decorations with eggs 4

My family call this recipe “THE” chocolate cake recipe. My mum’s had it for years and I think it’s from an old copy of Good Housekeeping magazine. The oil in the recipe means the chocolate cake is dense, moist and a bit like fudge cake. It’s gorgeous! Although it’s still a little early for Easter eggs, spring is definitely in the air and this inspired the grass buttercream topping. Oh, and I just love Cadbury’s mini eggs, so any excuse to use them, I take it! 🙂


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