Recipe | Christmas tree chocolate brownies

A simple festive bake: easy chocolate brownies + fun decorations = cute edible Christmas trees!

Quick and easy Christmas baking recipe uk Christmas tree brownies

I was searching online of easy Christmas bakes and kept seeing pictures of triangular brownies made into cute Christmas trees by adding some green icing and sprinkles. I decided to give it a try using one of my own chocolate brownie recipes.

Ingredients (makes 12-16 Christmas tree brownies)

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Recipe | Chocolate, almond and white chocolate brownies

Chocolate, almond and white chocolate brownies: for when one type of chocolate in your brownie just isn’t enough!


I haven’t made brownies for ages. I found this recipe in one of my cookbooks: Chocolate (Australian Gourmet Traveller). I followed their recipe pretty much to the letter, but have given the quantities in different measurements to make things easier for those not using the metric system.



Ingredients (36 small servings… or fewer larger ones!)

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Recipe | Jaffa Cake chocolate orange brownies

 Because sometimes you need some cake with your brownie!

Jaffa cake orange chocolate brownies recipe

This bake came about because double packs of Jaffa Cakes were on offer in my local supermarket. Honestly, that’s how I make my baking decisions. I then put it to Twitter: should I make Jaffa Cake brownies or cupcakes? And the people spoke: two thirds of those who voted wanted brownies. So here you go!

I used the same brownie mixture I used to make my After Eight mint chocolate brownies. If you haven’t seen those already, follow the link.

Recipe for brownies with jaffa cakes

A note on Jaffa Cakes. These are made by McVities and I hope they’re widely available outside the UK. Sorry if they’re not, but with any luck there’s a local equivalent you can use. They’re a sponge base with a layer of orange jelly on top, covered with a thin coat of chocolate. They sit nicely inside the brownie mixture and give the whole lot a subtle orange flavour. This is what they look like:

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Recipe | Brownie cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Chocolate brownie + cupcakes. What’s not to like?!

Brownie cupcakes with buttercream frosting 2

My toddler has recently become obsessed with a supermarket magazine that was lying around at his grandparents’. He loves looking at the food pictures and I’ve now been made to look at them so many times I gave in and made a couple of things! I didn’t follow the recipe exactly… so I’ve included my changes below.

Ingredients (makes 12 cupcake brownies)

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Some favourite recipes: cute, colourful and delicious bakes!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the writing cave this week. The good news is it’s been productive and my latest round of book edits are almost finished. The bad news: I haven’t had time to bake 😦

But then I looked at my Recipe Index page and discovered I’ve already posted 34 recipes on this blog! Who knew?!

So, as I don’t have a new bake to offer you, here are 5 of my favourites from the archives 🙂

Click on the title or the picture to visit the individual recipe post for more photos and baking instructions.

1. Caramel Smiley Face Biscuits (aka cookies)

Caramel biscuits cookies face decoration with crimped piping buttercream hair

So easy to make and they’ll put a smile on everyone’s face!

2. Simple lemon cake with feathered icing

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Recipe | Cadbury’s caramel chocolate brownies

Brownie mix +  a layer of caramel filled chocolate = a cheat to delicious, extra-chewy brownies. Heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day, but delicious every day.

Caramel chocolate brownies heart shaped for Valentine's day with strawberry pink buttercream 5

The recipe for the brownie mix I also used for my chocolate cheesecake brownies, I just adjusted the quantities and added a bar of Cadbury’s Caramel. Any caramel filled chocolate would do though.

I just discovered this is my 200th post! How did that happen?!

Ingredients (8 large hearts or 16 rectangular brownies)

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Recipe | Chocolate cheesecake brownies

Decadent, gooey chocolate brownie with a layer of sweet cream cheese

Chocolate cheesecake brownies with snowflake christmas decorations 2

Whenever I’ve made these beauties, I’ve always used the recipe from a 2001 book made by Marks and Spencer called Simply Baking. In case anyone’s interested, I managed to track down links to secondhand copies at Abebooks and

I use the basic recipe from said book, but I double the amount of chocolate mix. The amounts the original recipe suggest don’t give you enough mixture to form a decent layer of chocolate either side of the cream cheese. We wouldn’t want that!

Please note: no matter how I’ve cooked these, the brownie in the middle of the tray is always very gooey and it’s impossible to eat this bit with your fingers. So this recipe will give you several brownies you can eat with your fingers and a dessert for 2-4 people to be eaten in bowls with spoons. I recommend heating it up and serving with a little bit of vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate cheesecake brownies photo 2

Ingredients (16 servings)

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Recipe | After Eight chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies so easy to make the hardest part is not “over-sampling” the After Eights before you put them in the mix!

After Eight mint chocolate brownies 1

First a note on After Eights. As these are made by Nestle, I’m hoping they’re available outside of UK. If not, I’m hoping you can find a substitute. They’re after dinner mints: thin dark chocolate squares with a layer of mint fondant inside. They cook beautifully inside the brownie and give a subtle, not overpowering mint flavour to the chocolate brownies. This is what they look like:

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