Recipe | Christmas vanilla cookies

Here’s my attempt at some festive baking! A selection of lovely vanilla biscuits with some cute decorations.

Christmas cookie biscuit selection mini gingerbread men, pink hearts and Christmas tree decoration

I found the basic recipe for these biscuits at BBC Good Food.

Of course, how many biscuits this mixture makes depends on the size of your cutter and how thickly you roll the dough. The original recipe said these quantities would make 20 biscuits, but I made 60!

Christmas biscuits cookies gingerbread men, green sparkly trees and stars with snowflakes

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Recipe | Easy Maltesers rocky road (one for chocoholics!)

Rocky road is an easy and versatile recipe. In addition to chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit you can add almost any ingredients you want – I chose Maltesers!

Malteasers rocky road chocolate and marshmallows recipe

Rocky road is a great recipe. At heart it is a “no bake tray bake” (if that makes any sense!) which allows you to make your own chocolate bars with very little effort or mess.

But before I can continue, I have to ask: who knew Maltesers wasn’t spelt Malteasers? I have been spelling it (if only mentally) as “Malteasers” with the extra ‘a’ my whole life! But no, my friends, it’s Maltesers.

*quiet sigh of disillusionment*

Now I’ve said my piece about that, let’s get on with the rocky road recipe!

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Recipe | Chocolate Chip Cookies

Milk chocolate chip cookies. Soft, chewy and delicious.

Choc Chip Cookies 3

Ingredients (makes 15 – 20 cookies)

  • 200 g dark muscovado sugar (you can use light, but I had dark in the cupboard)
  • 115 g butter/marg
  • 1 egg
  • 200 g plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 200g milk chocolate, chopped into chunks (on reflection, I would add more – I wanted more chocolate… MORE!)

Of course you can use dark or plain chocolate – whatever you prefer!

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Recipe | Caramel smiley face biscuits

Caramel biscuits cookies face decoration with crimped piping buttercream hair

I had a lot of pink buttercream left over from my mini rosette vanilla cupcakes. So I came up with these to use it up. My son helped my roll and cut out the dough, but the decorating needed my steady hands (I gave him his own to go mad on!)

Ingredients (makes 12 – 15 biscuits depending on the size of your cutter)

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Recipe | Gingerbread women and teddy bears

Gingerbread women and teddy bears decorated with icing

A board of lovely gingerbread ladies and teddies!

Making and decorating gingerbread men is fun for kids of all ages! I had planned to make gingerbread men, but then discovered that my cutters were for women and teddy bears!

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Recipe | Viennese Biscuits – delicate and delicious!

Christmas. Someone opens the posh biscuit selection tin. The Viennese fingers always disappear first.

Viennese finger biscuits - the perfect companion to a cup of tea

Viennese finger biscuits – perfect with a cup of tea

That’s because they are melt-in-the-mouth gorgeous. They have a delicate vanilla flavour and crumble easily.

I got the recipe from one of my trusty books: Sweet and Savoury bites by Jane Price. I’ve made a couple of small changes to her method – mostly to make things easier and reduce washing up!

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Recipe | Diane’s delights

top image

This is a very sweet treat that you can buy everywhere in Northern Ireland (where my mum and the recipe comes from), although I’ve never seen it anywhere else. Let me know if you have!


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Pretty vanilla biscuits

I decided to move on from cake to biscuits to give myself an excuse for some decorating 🙂

biscuits 1

This is the first time I’ve used royal icing to decorate biscuits and I hope to get better with practice!

Here are the ingredients for the basic biscuit mix I used. This will make about 30 biscuits. We got 31 out of it!

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