Recipe | Chocolate finger cake. Sponge layer cake with vanilla buttercream and a biscuit border

Sponge layer cake with vanilla buttercream, a Cadbury’s chocolate finger biscuit border and mini eggs!

Chocolate finger cake with biscuit border around the edges and mini eggs 1

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog you might be thinking, “Why is Claire posting a recipe on a Tuesday? Fridays are recipe days, aren’t they?” And you’d be absolutely right. But I wanted to post this cake recipe a bit earlier to give anyone who wanted to make it for this weekend time to get their ingredients together (i.e. stock up on mini eggs).

I’ve seen many cakes with chocolate finger borders and always thought it looked like a great idea. And it turns out, it is! 🙂

Wait! There’s more. Click for the recipe and more lovely pics!