Kid’s race circuit birthday cake

This number circuit birthday cake is an easy homemade option for any kid who loves racing cars.

How to make easy race car race track circuit birthday cake uk

I’ve been a little busy with kids’ birthdays recently!

This sixth birthday cake is surprisingly easy to assemble and looks great. I came up with the idea by doing a quick Google image search – loads of people have made a version of this cake for various age numbers.

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Kid’s building site / digger chocolate birthday cake

This kid’s chocolate building site birthday cake looks great and is very easy to put together!

Kid's digger building site builder chocolate easy birthday cake

It was my elder son’s 5th birthday recently. It’s taken me a while to blog about this cake, but if you follow my posts you’ll probably already know I gave birth to our second son at around the time of my first son’s birthday and since then I’ve been a tad busy!

As I knew my sons’ birthdays would be very close together, I wanted to make a birthday cake which was simple and quick to assemble. Some internet browsing brought me to this building site / digger cake idea in the form of some photos. I did my best to copy what I saw, using my own cake recipe and various toy construction site pieces I already had.

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Recipe | Sooty cake (aka Guinness and chocolate cake!)

Don’t worry if you don’t like Guinness. This is a dense, moist, slightly malty chocolate cake even those who don’t love the black stuff can enjoy!

recipe for sooty cake guinness cake with chocolate buttercream icing and white chocolate shavings cut view

This recipe is from my recipe book. Which obviously means I got it from my mum at some point!

Ingredients (makes 8 very generous slices!)
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Recipe | Heavenly chocolate cake with fudge icing

Mary Berry’s heavenly chocolate cake with fudge icing

Heavenly chocolate cake with fudge frosting white chocolate shavings and gold sugar stars 2

This recipe is from Mary Berry’s Traditional Puddings & Desserts.

Ingredients (makes 8 very generous slices!)
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Kid’s car birthday cake

I made this car cake! It’s fully edible too!

Kid's car birthday party cake

Lots more photos of the finished product at the bottom of this post. Read on to find out how I made and decorated the cake.

As you have probably guessed, it was my son’s 3rd birthday recently. Like many little boys, he’s obsessed with anything that has wheels, so I wanted to make him a car-shaped birthday cake. And this is what I came up with. Thanks to my sister for her ideas about the easiest way to go about this and my mum for supervising the car cake decorating (she has many years of birthday cake making experience).

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Recipe | Two-colour pretty flower cakes

Two colour small flower cakes with icing decorations 2

An experiment for my birthday! This is an easy-to-make, all-in-one sponge cake. If you have children this is an simple one for them to help with too 🙂

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