Recipe | After Eight mint chocolate muffins

Delicious, easy-to-make After Eight mint chocolate muffins!

Simple After Eight mint chocolate muffins recipe uk

My only tip for this recipe would be to make sure to keep some chocolate out of the mixture and pop it on top of each muffin before they go in the oven. Most of the chocolate will sink to the bottom of the muffin, so don’t skip this step if you want a better distribution of After Eight mint chocolate and some on the top.

Ingredients (makes 12 After Eight mint chocolate muffins)

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Recipe | After Eight chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies so easy to make the hardest part is not “over-sampling” the After Eights before you put them in the mix!

After Eight mint chocolate brownies 1

First a note on After Eights. As these are made by Nestle, I’m hoping they’re available outside of UK. If not, I’m hoping you can find a substitute. They’re after dinner mints: thin dark chocolate squares with a layer of mint fondant inside. They cook beautifully inside the brownie and give a subtle, not overpowering mint flavour to the chocolate brownies. This is what they look like:

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