Review recap: my top five books of 2015

In a happy coincidence, I gave five books 5 stars in 2015.

Top five books of 2015 Claire Huston

I reviewed 70 books on this blog this year. Only five of them got 5 stars. I don’t feel able to say any of them is “better” than the others. However, I will rank them according to how wide an audience I think would enjoy them (my total guess here… other opinions are available!).

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So here we go. Counting down…

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WWW Wednesday 8th July 2015


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Review | A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

If this story fails to move you, you have no heart. As close to perfect as a tale can be. 5/5 stars and then some.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness book coverWhat it’s about: Since his father left them six years ago, Conor has lived alone with his mum. But recently she has been struggling with illness and Conor is plagued by recurring nightmares when he is awake as well as asleep. Then the monster comes to visit. He will tell three stories and, in return, Conor must tell him the thing which frightens him most of all: the truth.

My take:

The synopsis above tells you a little about what happens in A Monster Calls, not what the book is about. This is a story about fear and friendship, strength and weakness, love and loss.

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