Ratings system

5 stars rating system

I realized I haven’t explained anywhere how I decide how many stars out of 5 to give a book. This is probably because it can be tricky to explain, but I’ll try.

1 star: 1-dimensional characters, absence of plot or one full of holes, content which plain offends me. Tempted not to finish.

2 stars: 1 star issues but there was actually a story and perhaps the writing showed some flair/potential.

3 stars: A good book but nothing extraordinary. I would probably recommend it only for readers who are already a fan of the genre to which it belongs.

4 stars: Very good indeed. Engaging, moving, well-written. But lacking something for the elusive fifth star: maybe originality or perhaps there was a particular issue I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

5 stars: Loved it. Will be recommending it to everyone I know and meet for the foreseeable future. Great characters, a gripping plot and excellent writing. I feel that anyone could enjoy it and I could read it again and again. If you’d like an idea of the books I’ve given 5-stars, check out this page.