Review Policy/Disclaimer

The books I review here on Art and Soul have been bought by me or borrowed from the public library unless provided by the author/publisher or won in a competition.

My reviews are entirely unaffected by how I come by a book and I always give my honest opinions of what I have read.

If I was given or won a book, I will make this clear at the start of the review for said book. If I receive an advance review copy of a book I will also make this clear and provide details of when the book will be on general sale.

All my reviews are fair and constructive. As a writer, I appreciate the time and effort required to produce a book and will always justify any criticism I may give. I would also add that I rarely give 5 stars to a book because I reserve this rating for the few books I find to be truly exceptional. If you’d like to see the books I’ve given 5 stars recently, please check out this page.

 Claire Huston / Art and Soul