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About me

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I write uplifting modern love stories about characters who are meant for each other but sometimes need a little help to realise it. You can read more about that in My Books (or head straight over to Amazon to buy them now!).

I live in the Midlands, UK, with my husband and two children. I work as a translator and when I’m not struggling to write, I try to read, bake, and generally keep chaos at bay.

I’m a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme.

If you’d like to get in touch, please use the contact form below or leave a message down in the comments. You can also find me on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  33. Hi Claire! It’s so nice to discover your blog. And I really do hope for your work to be published soon! Just trust the Lord, who knows when it’ll happen. 🙂 And when that finally happened, just let me know! I’ll be happy to read it. Nice meeting you by the way!

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  35. Hey! So I reached 500 followers on my blog and I am putting together a shoutout post to celebrate! I want to feature your blog and I was hoping to get some info from you! If you’re on Instagram as a book account or on Goodreads can I get your username to feature those accounts too? And if you could possibly provide a book recommendation or two that would be awesome as well! Thanks so much!
    Nicole ❤

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