Recipe | Marshmallow snowmen – fun festive treats

Festive marshmallow snowmen with chocolate hats and buttons!

Marshmallow snowmen with chocolate hats and buttons quick simple UK recipe

Ingredients (for 8 snowman)

  • 24 white marshmallows
  • Mini smarties or any small chocolate beans with coloured shells (I got mine from Tesco, as you can see in the picture below)
  • Edible black or brown decorating pen (or melted chocolate)
  • A tube of writing icing/ icing you’ve mixed up yourself
  • 8 Rolos (one packet should be enough). These are milk chocolate shells filled with caramel. If you don’t have them where you are, I’m sure you can find an alternative, such as Hershey’s kisses.
  • 8 wooden skewers
  • Optional: strawberry (and other flavour) laces to make scarves for the snowmen. I had been planning to do this but in the end I decided they weren’t necessary!

Marshmallow snowmen ingredients

Marshmallow snowmen method

Push 3 white marshmallows onto a skewer, making an effort to get the skewer through the centre of each of them so they line up more or less straight. Push the skewer through the top of the last marshmallow so there’s enough to stick into the Rolo/chocolate hat (about 5mm should be enough). My skewers were rather long so I cut them in half before starting.

Marshmallow snowmen recipe UK assembly

Next, draw on the eyes, mouth and arms. I used an edible decorating pen, which made the job very easy. However, you could pipe on melted chocolate using a very fine piping tip. If you have steady hands and the skill for this, I take my hat off to you.

Easy marshmallow snowmen recipe UK

Now stick on the mini Smartie nose and buttons. You can do this with a little icing. I happened to have writing icing in a tube, so it was almost like using edible glue to put a small blob of icing on the back of each Smartie and then press them onto the marshmallow. You could also make up some icing by mixing icing sugar and water together and use this to fix the Smarties on.

Festive marshmallow snowmen with chocolate hats and buttons

The snowmen can be persuaded to stand up if you stick the end of the skewer into another marshmallow:

Fun, festive marshmallow snowmen with chocolate hats and buttons

Like the marshmallow penguins I made a previous Christmas, the best thing about the snowmen is that they all seem to have their own personality! The one here below with an orange nose looks like a cheerful chap having a good gossip with his friend next to him:

Easy marshmallow snowmen recipe UK baking with kids

These festive marshmallow snowmen will keep for weeks in an airtight container, just make sure you keep them away from heat so their hats don’t start to melt.

Marshmallow snowmen recipe UK storing your finished snowmen

Just be careful when giving them to little people to eat to prevent any accidents with the end of the skewer.

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