Review | Snowday by B. R. Maycock

 As the temperature drops outside, curl up with heart-warming novella. 4/5 stars.

Snowday by B. R Maycock cover

The blurb: Sometimes hot cocoa just isn’t enough to keep you warm in the snow…

Eloise is too busy juggling the chaos of three kids, an ever present ex-husband and a demanding boss to even remember the last time dating crossed her mind.

But as soft snow falls silently all around, romance twinkles with the flakes.

After being single for so long, Eloise suddenly has a lot of choices. Too many choices. Will anyone be worthy of melting the guard around her heart to let love in?

My take:

Whether you’re a fan of the festive season or dreading its approach, you have to admit that November is zipping past and December 25th will be here in a blink. So if you fancy reading something wintry to get you into the holiday mood or escape from the crush of Christmas advertising, B. R. Maycock’s new novella, Snowday, is for you.

This is a fun, heart-warming romance with a sympathetic main character. If you’ve ever had too much on your plate or struggled to juggle everything in your life, you’re sure to empathise with Eloise’s many dilemmas. I mean, who hasn’t resorted to making the kids/themselves dinner from a box from the freezer more often than they think they should?!

However, it’s likely to be fewer of us who have had Eloise’s particular romantic dilemma as, after a bit of a man drought, they seem to start coming at her from all sides: in her neighbourhood, at her eldest daughter’s school, at work, and even her practically ex-husband. This all leads to her getting in more than one amusing tight spot. My favourite joke, which I’m not ashamed to admit made me snort with laughter – has to do with the hunky teacher’s name! An impromptu office party is another comic highlight and serves to remind us all the dangers of drinking on an empty stomach – if you’ve got a festive work do coming up, remember to pause to eat and beware karaoke 😉

While Eloise and her interactions with the various men in her life drive the plot forward, it was her children and (at first) grumpy colleagues who were my favourite characters and I also developed a soft spot for a friend of Eloise’s daughter who has a tough time of it. A bit like dipping into one of those huge chocolate selection tins which are everywhere this time of year, I imagine readers will all quickly find their own favourite.

Overall: a fun, Christmassy novella for anyone who likes romantic reads.


You can buy Snowday now at Amazon.


About the Author

Bernadette Maycock (writing as B. R. Maycock) is the author of the romcom novel, It Started with a Snub, and the novella, Snowday. She blogs about books, in particular chick lit and women’s fiction, at BRMaycock’s Book Blog.

She lives in Co. Westmeath, Ireland with her brilliantly out there husband, Keith, and four amazing children- Paul, Conor, Aidan and Brian. She can be found on twitter most days as @BRMaycock.

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