Recipe | Baked mini iced doughnuts

These mini doughnuts are baked rather than fried, making them more doughnut-shaped cakes than real doughnuts. But they’re still delicious and better for you!


My sister gave me a mini doughnut pan and after some internet searches, I found this recipe at Tesco realfood.

Ingredients (original recipe says makes 12. I got 24 mini doughnuts from these quantities!)

  • 75 g / 3 oz butter or margarine
  • 115 g / 3.75 oz caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 120 ml / 3.75 fl oz milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 190 g / 6.5 oz plain flour


My sister gave me her mini doughnut pan. Just to give you an idea of how “mini” the doughnuts are, here’s a picture of the tin with a teaspoon:


I think size is important because the original recipe said the mixture would make 12 doughnuts, but in my case it made 24! Not sure if the person who wrote the original recipe was making larger “mini” doughnuts?!

Pre-heat your oven to 160 degrees C (140 fan) / 320 degrees F / Gas Mark 2. Grease you mini doughnut tin. No matter how much you grease your tin, they’re likely to stick slightly… but we’ll get to that later!

In a large bowl or in your mixer bowl, beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Gradually add the egg, milk and vanilla, beating until the mixture is smooth. Finally, fold in the flour and baking powder.


The original recipe says to “spoon” this mixture into the tin. I didn’t see how I could do that without making a mess, so I piped the mixture in. I just cut the corner off a freezer bag and used that as a piping bag, no nozzle required.

I got the best results when only filling each of the doughnut holes to about half their depth. For example, the two in the lower left of the following picture are about right, the one on the far right came out a bit big.


The original recipe says to bake for 10 minutes. I had to bake them for 20 minutes for them to be golden brown and cooked through. It will depend on your oven, so just keep an eye on them. Here are the first batch of mini doughnuts fresh from the oven:


It can be quite tricky to get the mini doughnuts out of the pan. The best method is the run a sharp knife round the edge of each of them, leave them to cool for 5-10 minutes then try to gently lever them out. If you have a small spatula, that would be the best thing to use. I did have a few disasters – as shown in the following picture… it also shows how lovely and fluffy they are inside too though!


Turn out the baked mini doughnuts onto a wire rack to cool completely.


While your mini doughnuts are cooling you can mix the water icing. I used 150 g / 5 oz icing sugar and added a little water gradually until I got a thick white water icing. You shouldn’t need more than 4 tsp of water, but just go gradually because you don’t want the icing too runny or none of it will stay on your doughnuts.

Divide your icing into three bowls and add your chosen food colourings. I used purple, pink and yellow gel food colourings.


Use a teaspoon to spread a little icing onto each of the mini doughnuts and then sprinkle over your multicoloured sugar strands. I’ve included another teaspoon in the following picture to give you more of an idea of how small the doughnuts are:


Leave the icing to dry – it’ll take up to an hour. Then serve!


These are ideal for parties. Although, as they’re bite-sized, they might be a little too easy to eat!


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Giant doughnut cake with pink icing and sugar sprinkles

Giant doughnut cake with icing and sugar sprinkles





Claire Huston / Art and Soul

29 thoughts on “Recipe | Baked mini iced doughnuts

    • I’m sure they’d taste good whatever shape they were baked in πŸ™‚ And you can’t go wrong with adding a nice bit of jam to any recipe! I hope it goes well.
      I only have the donut pan because my sister gave me her old one. It’s not something I’d usually have around and I doubt many people have one in the cupboard πŸ™‚


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