Review | A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOTAR #2) by Sarah J. Maas

In some ways better than book 1, but overlong. Again. 4/5.

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

The blurb: Feyre survived Amarantha’s clutches to return to the Spring Court—but at a steep cost. Though she now has the powers of the High Fae, her heart remains human, and it can’t forget the terrible deeds she performed to save Tamlin’s people.

Nor has Feyre forgotten her bargain with Rhysand, High Lord of the feared Night Court. As Feyre navigates its dark web of politics, passion, and dazzling power, a greater evil looms—and she might be key to stopping it. But only if she can harness her harrowing gifts, heal her fractured soul, and decide how she wishes to shape her future—and the future of a world cleaved in two.

My take:

I’ll try to talk about this book without including spoilers. However, if you’re determined to avoid anything even remotely spoilerly, just know this: if you enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses, you’ll love A Court of Mist and Fury. Go and read it now. You won’t be sorry!

There is so much to like in this book. The plot is solid and moves at a good pace. We’re introduced to lots of new, fantastic characters. The world-building continues to be top-notch and the writing is as excellent. In many ways ACOMAF is better than book 1. In ACOTAR there were some things about the Tamlin-Feyre relationship that I felt were “off” and so I just couldn’t get behind it (as I mentioned in my review at the time). This book vindicates those feelings 100% and left me feeling both slightly smug and relieved that the author clearly has a grand design for this series that’s panning out nicely.

I’ve seen some readers expressing distaste at the (rather graphic) sex scenes in this book. I didn’t particularly have an issue with them. They didn’t make me cringe, so points to Sarah J. Maas for that. However, if we were in any doubt, they do put this series firmly in NA rather than YA territory.

So why haven’t I given ACOMAF 5 stars if it’s better than ACOTAR? Well, partly it’s my own fault. For some reason, I had got it into my head that this was the concluding part of the story. As I was reading I was thinking, “Good lord, but this book is long. Oh well, never mind. I can understand she needs the time to wrap everything up. She’s forgiven.” Then, as I edged through the last 10% of the book my heart sank. There was just too much still going on. This book wasn’t going to wrap things up. A trilogy beckoned. So why, oh why, did this book need to be so long?

If I’m entirely fair, if I’d known this was the middle book in a trilogy I might have had a better experience of it!

Now that I’ve come to terms with the whole other book which is one its way, at least we can be assured that the final installment of this series is going to full of epic stuff that fans will be queuing up for. So many significant events are crammed into the last few chapters of ACOMAF we can assume that it is all GOING TO GO DOWN in book 3.

Overall: an excellent second installment in this trilogy. Fans of book 1 won’t be disappointed.

Claire Huston / Art and Soul

30 thoughts on “Review | A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOTAR #2) by Sarah J. Maas

  1. Great review! I just bought these two books yesterday and was wondering if it was a trilogy or just 2 books. Hmm. Now that I know it’s a trilogy I may wait a bit before reading them. And the second book sure is big! My husband commented on its size, and so did the cashier when I purchased the book.

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    • Thank you!
      I can’t believe I didn’t know it was a trilogy! I think I just assumed, as the second book was SO long, she was wrapping everything up :/ It’s impressive that it never gets boring.
      I think I’d be tempted to wait until a bit closer to the publication of book 3 to start so there’s no huge wait for the final book 🙂

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  2. Great review though I’m disappointed you didn’t enjoy the book as much as you could have because it turned out to be one of my favorite books ever! Hopefully one day you’ll give it another try!

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  3. I’m not reading this until I finish the book. I got it a few days ago and borrowed Wolf by Wolf. But what do I read first – this or Wolf by Wolf? Need help, please! I need to start a new book for bedtime reading tonight!! 🙂

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  4. I so need to pick up this title ASAP! I’m glad you ended up enjoying it even though it was a bit too long… Over 600 pages does seem a bit large for this story, but I can’t wait to start reading it anyway. Hopefully next week!

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  5. Just finished reading this one~ It was a mixed experience for me, particularly because how it just stretched and stretched but I quite liked how the book went a 360 degree turn with Feyre’s relationship with Tamlin. I do hope the third book allows Lucien to shine. He’s a pretty interesting character who doesn’t get enough screentime.

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    • I completely agree about Lucien. But I’m hoping now that the thing happened with him and F’s sister (keeping vague to avoid spoilers) and F is back at the Spring court that he’ll get a lot more screen time. I’m guessing he’s going to be helping F out a lot (come over to the dark side, Lucien!!) 🙂

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  6. I just picked up the first book yesterday. It was on sale, so it was a no-brainer 🙂 I’m excited to get to it eventually. Don’t know when that will be with my overlong TBR….
    Oh well 🙂
    I’ll come back to this review when that day comes 😉
    Take care ❤

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    • The first book is good, but somehow feels like two different books sandwiched together (two for the reduced price of one! bargain!).
      I know what you mean about the TBR. I swear for every book I read it seems to grow by at least 3. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong :/

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      • I hope nothing! It feels too right. I embrace the fact that books are my one weakness. I can’t go into a bookstore without leaving with at least one book, and I tend to go once a week. My wallet is lighter each time, but so is my heart 😀

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  7. I’ve had this series on my to-be-read list for ages, and will get the first book in my next book haul. You know, in ten years from now when I’ve caught up with all those books I’ve got already. I’m glad you’re enjoying them! I can’t wait to get to them, I’ve heard so many good things 🙂

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