Creative Mothers Series – Art and Soul

I’m proud and delighted to be featured in occupation:(m)other’s Creative Mothers series today. In the post I go on a bit about my writing and motherhood. There are also cartoons to stop you all getting bored with my ramblings!

Oh, and please be warned: this article features an enormous pictures of my FACE. I was unprepared and got a nasty fright 😉

Welcome to the second edition in the Creative Mothers series where bloggers and non bloggers are encouraged to share thoughts and experiences about the impact of motherhood on their personal creativity.

Last week you showed lovely blogger warmth towards our first Creative Mother, Laura (a non blogger!), thank you. If you missed it you can find her post along with information on how anyone can join the series on the Creative Mothers page.

I’m delighted now to introduce you to Claire Huston who blogs at Art and Soul. I am in awe of Claire, because, while I consider a productive day with my child to be one where I’ve managed to whizz the Hoover round, Claire has written a novel since becoming a mother. That’s right, written a novel!

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4 thoughts on “Creative Mothers Series – Art and Soul

    • Thank you!
      I completely understand blogging as a time drain. I started blogging partly as a distraction while submitting my first novel, something to do while waiting to hear back. Now I have serious edits to do to my manuscript and I find a lot of my former free time taken up with blogging! I really enjoy it, but it is a supreme method of procrastination (not to mention Twitter, Facebook etc.).
      I would love to write a children’s book, but it’s so difficult. Far more difficult than writing for adults. I hope you find the time to finish yours 🙂 x


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