New pages to make my blog easier to navigate

Holidays are a good time for some blog housekeeping (cue brilliant comic from Fowl Language Comics…)

Christmas clean up from Fowl Language Comics

I’ve recently created a few blog pages to keep my blog content organized and make posts easy for visitors to find (I hope!).

Now under Sweet’s Cakes on the top menu (see screen-grab below) you’ll find:

  • A new Recipes Index. I’ve listed all my recipes in alphabetical order under headings such “Cakes” and “Biscuits/Cookies”. Creating this page was also a great excuse to use this cute cupcake clipart:Cupcakes images cartoon for blog
  • Baking. The archive of all my baking posts, appearing in reverse chronological order.

Screengrab of new Art and Soul recipe index page cakes muffins brownies biscuits cookies and desserts with links

And then under Reading (see screen-grab below):

  • Reviews A-Z. A index of all my book reviews, listed alphabetically by author surname.
  • Review Policy/Disclaimer. Now I’ve started to receive books from publishers via NetGalley I wanted write a couple of short paragraphs about this. If any seasoned book bloggers think this could be better or there’s anything crucial I’ve missed, please let me know πŸ™‚
  • Ratings System. I realized I hadn’t explained how I rate books! Although, it’s not much different from the Goodreads system…

Screengrab of new Reading pages at Art and Soul Reviews A to Z review policy and disclaimer and ratings system

I hope these changes go a little way to making Art and Soul a little more user-friendly!

Have you made any changes to your blog recently? Is there anything else I could do to make getting around my blog easier? Let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚

Claire Huston / Art and Soul

13 thoughts on “New pages to make my blog easier to navigate

  1. I love the cupcake images!! I made a few changes myself recently, something about starting a new yer made me want to do a makeover. I took a new job recently with more normal hours and weekends off, so I want to get back into baking more. I’ll be using your blog because you make the cutest things!

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