Festive photo post

A quick post with some pictures of Christmas cards handmade by my talented sister (well, one of my talented sisters!). She makes her Christmas cards every year and they’re so lovely we all keep them to put up in future years.

Christmas Wishes handmade Christmas card with holly

Season's Greetings and Merry Christmas handmade Christmas car with Christmas trees

Above: You can see the same Christmas tree stencil was used both years here!

Merry Christmas children thumbprint reindeer card handmade

One of my favourites this one. Reindeer heads made from the fingerprints of my nieces and nephew.

Handmade Christmas card Season's Greetings with a penguin

I love penguins, so this one was another hit! Unfortunately it’s hanging over a photo frame so it looks like it’s grown a pair of legs!

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