Photo post: the perfect bench for book lovers!

Rugby stone sofa with books

Today I thought I’d share some pictures of two of my favourite spots in Rugby, England. Yes: this lovely sofa, arm chair and footstool are made of sandstone and are public benches in Jubilee Gardens.

Rugby stone sofa with books 2

The armchair, sofa, footstool and books were commissioned by Rugby Council. Sculptor Michael Scheuermann designed the pieces which were made in nearby Birmingham and installed in late 2008.

And as if these lovely sculptures weren’t enough for one town, there is also a chaise lounge tucked away behind the public library in the Percival Guildhouse Gardens:

Rugby stone chaise lounge with books

The idea behind this unique street furniture was to celebrate Rugby’s famous writers, including those who attended Rugby School (the place the game was invented). So, carved into the stone, you can see books and quotes from the following authors: Rupert Brooke, Lewis Carroll, Matthew Arnold, Gillian Cross, Philip Toynbee, Arthur Ransome, Richard Grant, Thomas Hughes, John Gillespie Magee, Anthony Horowitz, Isabel Wolff, Andrew Norman Wilson, Percy Wyndham Lewis, Denys Watkins Pitchford, Salman Rushdie and Arthur Hugh Clough.

Some more pictures, taken on a more typically rainy day:

Rugby stone armchair bench sculpture

Rugby stone armchair bench sculpture 4

Rugby stone bench books

Rugby stone armchair bench sculpture (2)

Rugby stone armchair bench sculpture 3

Do any of you live anywhere with wonderful bookish sculptures?

 Claire Huston / Art and Soul

25 thoughts on “Photo post: the perfect bench for book lovers!

    • I haven’t… yet. But only because I’m always out with my 3-year old and he’s not great at sitting still! In the summer I would definitely use the one at the back of the library. I can’t believe how hidden away it is. You could read in almost total privacy in a nice garden on the grandest couch in the world 🙂


  1. They are beautiful! Sorry to bring it round to funereal stuff but the chaise would make a lovely memorial/grave marker. Poor Byron has a boring black marble book, that would look much nicer. I once saw an opera singer’s grave in Budapest that is a life-size 4 poster bed, strew with flowers and books.

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