Review | A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

If this story fails to move you, you have no heart. As close to perfect as a tale can be. 5/5 stars and then some.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness book coverWhat it’s about: Since his father left them six years ago, Conor has lived alone with his mum. But recently she has been struggling with illness and Conor is plagued by recurring nightmares when he is awake as well as asleep. Then the monster comes to visit. He will tell three stories and, in return, Conor must tell him the thing which frightens him most of all: the truth.

My take:

The synopsis above tells you a little about what happens in A Monster Calls, not what the book is about. This is a story about fear and friendship, strength and weakness, love and loss.

The tremendous impact of A Monster Calls comes from the undeniable power of a timeless story told simply. At just two hundred pages in length, every word counts in this heart-rending tale, woven with great skill and an enviable lightness of touch. A seamless blend of realism and the mythic, it draws you in so completely you forget where you are while you are reading.

Read this book. If you can, make time to finish it in a single sitting, or in as few as possible.

And be warned: unless your tear ducts don’t work, you should have tissues at the ready.

 Claire Huston / Art and Soul

28 thoughts on “Review | A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

  1. I really enjoyed Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking trilogy, and I’ve heard great things about this book! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I’m going to have to read this soon. I have my fingers crossed to read it this month, or this summer at least. 🙂 Great review! ❤

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