Writing progress 29 June 2015 (JuNoWriMo Challenge)

Snoopy Schultz Peanuts cartoon writer rich and famousUnfortunately, nothing new to report on finding a literary agent to represent my first novel, Art and Soul.

In the meantime, I’m still working on my second book. I think my hypothetical elevator pitch for it would be: “It’s contemporary women’s fiction. Think It’s a Wonderful Life (yes, the 1946 Capra classic starring Jimmy Stewart) meets Beauty and the Beast.” If that doesn’t get your mind buzzing…

The JuNoWriMo 2015 writing challenge comes to a close tomorrow and, with 27,000 words down, I’m still a little behind on my progress towards my 30,000-word target .

But I passed another milestone and I’m ridiculously pleased to be able to give myself another badge:

JuNoWriMo 2015 25000 words milestone button graphic

I’m planning to go for a big push today and tomorrow to hit 30,000 before midnight on the 30th. The prospect of the next badge is very alluring 🙂

I hope your writing is going well and you’re celebrating the small milestones. All words count. Even if you end up cutting or replacing half of them during revision! 😉

 Claire Huston / Art and Soul

7 thoughts on “Writing progress 29 June 2015 (JuNoWriMo Challenge)

  1. I enjoy watching your progress. The deal is, if you beat yourself up for missing a goal, you get to reward yourself for achieving a goal. As you reach the little goals, the big goals get closer and closer! Keep at it!

    Most people don’t roll out of bed and decide to be in the Olympics, the athletes in the Olympics trained and raced in smaller meets, won and lost, working their way up to the Olympics. If you can’t get the last 3000 words, look at how close you came, and assess how to do a better job next time. You still accomplished a lot and you may still accomplish the 30k goal.

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