Not writing. Making space swirl cupcakes

What else is there to do while waiting for your beta readers to get back to you than make cake?

Please don’t answer this. I’m aware there are probably many better things I could be doing. But at least baking has delicious results.


Space swirl cakes


These are just ordinary “all-in-one” bun mixture (100g of self-raising flour, 100g caster sugar, 100g butter/marg, 2 eggs, 2 level tsp of baking powder).

But then I made a little part of the mixture chocolatey by adding a little melted cocoa powder, and swirled using a chopstick (they come in handy occasionally). The result:

20150426_113653 20150426_113656 20150426_113700

I would have liked them to be a little more impressive. As it was, the coolest thing about them were the cake cases (thank you, Mr Tesco). Fortunately, my 2-year old didn’t care — it’s his little hand stealing across to the plate. Don’t worry, I let him have a whole one later…


I’m hoping my attempt at biscuits later today will be more impressive. We’ll see!

© Claire Huston / Art and Soul

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